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  • Is RTU accredited?
    Yes! RTU is accredited and affiliate of Rudolph Kwanue University College accredited by the Government of Liberia through the National Commission on High Education NCHE. And accredited by the Board of Quality Standard, (BQS) California University (CU). International Quality Assurance in Higher Education IQAHE) International Accreditation Commission for Education IACE. RTU is an institutional member of the International Accreditation Commission for Education IACE.
  • What are the admission deadlines?
    There are no deadlines for applications, which are continually reviewed. Admissions is granted on a rolling basis. Students must enroll in term-based programs. Accepted self- paced students can start at any time.
  • What are the admission requirements for graduate program?
    For the graduate program applicant, the admissions committee will also weigh the following criteria: Does the applicant have a GPA of 2.75? Does the applicant have an undergraduate degree from an accredited program? Does the applicant have at least two years work experience? Applicants will be notified quickly of the admission decision, but no later than one month from date of submittal.
  • How flexible is the program to fit my individual goals and needs?
    RTU is dedicated to ensuring that each student gets the maximum benefit from his or her educational experience. Advisors can help guide students in the selection of courses and tracks that suit their individual needs. RTU will make every effort to help students get the most of their master's degree.
  • Can I take the degree part time?
    Yes, in fact most current students are enrolled part-time. We recognize that most of those who are interested in this program are already in the work force. The Master and Doctoral Programs must be completed within a two to three-year period.
  • How much is the tuition?
    RTU’s tuition is $390 per credit hour. This does not include nominal university fees, the application fee, textbooks, and materials, etc.
  • Can I get financial aid?
    RTU is approved 10% scholarship to all her students.
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