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Our Visions

We will promote health and provide excellent clinical care while maintaining our strong tradition of reaching underserved populations and reducing health disparities across Liberia and beyond.


We will prepare tomorrow’s healthcare professionals and biomedical researchers by facilitating learning within innovative and integrated curricula and team-oriented inter-professional education.


We will cultivate outstanding teaching and research faculty, and we will recruit outstanding students and trainees from highly diverse backgrounds to create a socially responsible, highly skilled workforce.

We will develop and support a rich array of outstanding health sciences research programs, centers, and resources.

We will provide infrastructure and opportunities for collaboration amongst disciplines throughout and beyond our University to support outstanding research.



RTU has built a strong global higher learning community through its online and distance education. Geographical boundaries do not limit RTU and its students, who reside in almost all geographical location of the World.

As of June 2023, RTU has provided various levels of education and training programs at the associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels.

RTU is an affiliate of Rudolph Kwanue University College accredited by the Government of Liberia through the National Commission on High Education NCHE. and accredited by the Board of Quality Standard, (BQS) California University (CU). International Quality Assurance in Higher Education IQAHE) International Accreditation Commission for Education IACE.

Professional Reliability

National Development 

Integrity & Transparency

Efficiency & Effectiveness

Message from the Presidents

Higher learning is so important. It is one of the most important things in life, but it has to be applicable to the real world as a research scientist, mother and female that focuses on empowerment of men and women all over the world. I have been able to work with corporations, governments, and numerous people of power and influence all over the world being able to work in almost 90 countries. In my career I have been exposed to various types of education as an individual who has used my education career and employees to help others.


I have been approached numerous times by numerous countries and question of where I got my degrees and why do you credit anybody’s are. I think it is really important that we provide education not just for one country but for the global world, as we approach evolution and estate, sustainability so evolution and sustainability all over the world in order to have not just this generation, or the next generation educated, but sustainability for future generations in the next 200 to 300 years to do that. I am approaching education in a way where we will be able to educate on the realities of life, as well as the history that has brought us here by being able to create an environment that is accredited by numerous bodies in different countries. We will approach education not just from a textbook that from real world learning so again, not just from a textbook but that from war, real world, learning and experience. We want to change the minds of the top doctors and scientists and educators and businessman from all over the world. We will be able to educate this for the future generation to be even better than we have.


We live in a world that is toxic, so to solve that, we’ve got to be able to understand what God would want and how we can improve the future. We have to understand what got us here and how we can improve this in the future, not what God is but what got us here. I am excited to announce this new type of education that will also be available in the Metaverse online and in person. We will be accrediting three different bodies throughout the world, and will be supporting individuals to be the best. They can be through undergraduate master's and Ph.D. programs. Please join us, and be part of this evolution for the future in learning, not just written a text back, but from working in the world and farms and businesses, online and in the meta-verse in all different kinds of areas so that we can be ready for sustainability and improvements for the future world.

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